Professional Property Advisors

Everything You Need for a Successful Renovation

Helping You Save Time & Money

Avoid complications during your renovation project and save time and money with expert advice from Clearview property advisors and renovation consultants in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Eliminate the risk of expensive mistakes, time-consuming complications or unreliable contractors with the help of our renovation planners and property advisors.

Unbiased Assessments & Opinions

Our experienced renovation consultant and property inspector provide thorough inspections. Get unbiased advice on the best actions in your renovation.

Why Choose Clearview Property Advisors

Our expertise in property renovations will help you make a fail-safe plan for your renovation project. We provide reputable services for homeowners and property managers in Toronto, ON.

Get Professional Renovation Consultant Advice Today

Ensure the success of your renovation and uncover any potential surprises.  We service the Toronto area which extends from Hamilton to Oshawa and north to Newmarket. We are not contractors or architects but rather are impartial property renovation professionals providing advice and guidance on your projects.

As property advisor, we can help you

Create a baseline and clarify your vision for the project

  • Recognize pain points in your property
  • Establish priorities and wish list
  • Identify project challenges and limitations

Set goals & prioritize steps

  • Define goals for design
  • Identify appropriate building professionals
  • Understand the renovation process and prepare for next steps

Source Qualified Contractors

  • Identify qualified contractors and availability
  • Request quotes and conduct a contract review
  • Select and schedule contractors

Manage expectations

  • Develop a targeted list of questions so you can talk to your architect/contractor/builder with confidence
  • Bring up all the details you hadn’t thought of
  • Stay focused and calm