Home Renovation Project: Property Advisors Can Save You Time and Money

It’s no secret that financial advisors are adamant about investing in real estate. There are so many options available out there, and if you really need to, you can live in the house while you fix it up and then begin to rent it out to tenants for a profit. What they might not point out is how a property advisor can save you time and money throughout that process, and you don’t have to be a property advisor to use their services.

Even if you’re a homeowner looking to renovate your space, or a senior citizen wanting to make your home safer, a property advisor can help you out.

We’re here to walk you through all the ways they can help out. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Provide Best Practices

The first major benefit to come from working with a property advisor is the amount of expertise they have to offer depending on your needs.

They’ll start by getting a clear picture of what exactly you’re looking for, and then they’ll help you narrow down goals, expectations, and potential actions you might need to take. Advisors understand how complex the world of home renovations and property investment can be, and they also understand how to simplify the topic into a form that’s easy for you to understand.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

While they’ll be likely to ask decent questions to get a good idea of your needs, you should also bring a list of your own questions if you have any. If you’re stuck, here are a few to help you along the way:

While not an exhaustive list, these questions can help you gain a decent baseline understanding of the person you’re working with. They can also help you understand where their interests may or may not ly, and why they’re more likely to offer you a certain product or brand over others (if they offer things without disclosing that information, you’re better off not working with them).


With a property advisor, it’s usually safe to assume they can inspect your property as well. For renovations specifically, Clearview offers the following:

In between those inspections, you can also schedule consultations, visits, and meetings as necessary.

The point of these inspections is to understand the existing and unique character your home has to offer before renovations start. You can get a better idea of the things your home can keep versus what should go or be swapped out. It’s also going to let you know what your home can and cannot handle.

These inspections are your chance to let your advisor know about your ideas and wishlist items so they can build something that fits your wants while remaining realistic about the things your home can handle.

During a final renovation inspection, your property advisor is going to review the quality of the work done by your contractor and work to identify problems with the renovation itself. From there, they’ll create a plan to have problems addressed and fixed before you submit your final payment.

Custom Solutions for Unique Issues

Another thing property advisors can provide is custom solutions to your unique problems. They’ve likely seen the problems you’re facing before, and they can help you to solve them in a cost-effective way that gets the job done without breaking your bank.

While repairs and other solutions might not be cheap, working with an advisor is going to help you get the best bang for your buck while staying within budget. Since you’re working with someone who has a unique perspective of your problems, they’ll also be able to tailor the solution to fit your needs and wishes when they’re able.

This is especially possible when it comes to making your home more comfortable, whether through repairs or storage solutions.

Solve Your Home Comfort Problems

If you’ve noticed problems in your home, a real estate advisor can help. No matter how big or small, your problems can be addressed, and they can be fixed in no time. Here are a few examples of common home problems that can occur:

If you notice these things happening, you can schedule a visit from a real estate advisor to address the problem. They’ll come out, inspect your home, identify the problem, and then work to solve the issue from there.

Hiring a ClearView advisor is going to give you access to exactly that, and then the services you need will be determined at your inspection. Once your inspection has been completed, you’ll be given a report outlining the best course of action to take.

Renovation Consultants

If you’re looking to simply renovate parts of your home, then a renovation consultant can help you out. They’re going to be able to provide advice and guidance to clients — whether you’re a homeowner or a property investor — and provide support where it’s needed while empowering you to achieve your desired outcomes through unique insights.

So, if you’re looking for something custom to your home and its renovations, then turning to a consultant is going to be the best move you can make.

Assist With Property Management

If you’re thinking about property investment, then getting an inspectionbefore you buy is going to be important. Hiring a consultant can help you achieve this, along with a lot of other aspects that you might not initially think of covering when you’re first investing. When you cover all your bases before you start investing, then you know you’re set up for long-term success once everything is said and done.

Here are a few things you can expect if you hire Clearview to complete your income property inspections:

Each inspection is going to come with different things, but here’s a bit of what you can expect from each one:

Purchase Inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to determine the existing conditions of your property and then identify areas of concern. We inspect a lot of aspects of your home during this initial inspection, like:

Those are just a few of the things we cover during this initial inspection, though. Once we’ve completed that, you’ll receive an action plan to guide you through the process of the next steps to be taken.

Move-in Inspection

During a move-in inspection, both the tenant and owner are present. The inspection is done before the tenant brings in their belongings, and we provide a move-in checklist, along with photos and videos to document the current condition of the property.

That checklist is then signed by the tenant and can be added to their lease if you (the property owner) wish to add it. Not only does this help protect your tenant upon moveout, but it also prevents you.

If there are unusual damages, aside from normal wear and tear, then you’ll be able to deduct from their security deposit to cover the problem itself.

Move-Out Inspection

That’s where the move-out inspection comes into play. It’s a good idea to schedule this on the day your tenant moves out if possible, and you should be sure to consult them to arrange things as well.

During this inspection, we’ll bring a copy of the move-in checklist to compare to the current property condition. Using that, we’ll document damages separate from normal wear and tear, and you’ll receive a summary document afterward.

Routine Inspection

When you own a rental property, a routine inspection is recommended every six months, or more often if you suspect tenants to be in violation of any terms and conditions of your lease. That can include things like unauthorized roommates, pets, or even smoking inside the unit. These inspections can also be completed if the tenant notices things wrong, like leaking faucets.

Routine inspections are important for ensuring everything is running smoothly and effectively.

Senior Citizens Can Even Benefit

As you get older, you become less mobile. It’s easier for accidents to happen around the house, making it more crucial to put certain safety measures in place to prevent accidents from happening. This process is called Aging in Place, and it’s important for the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the process.

The process is possible, but there are a few things that need to happen before it can happen — including an inspection of their current living situation.

If you go with ClearView, our inspections take a top to bottom look at their property in order to ensure accessibility and overall safety for the elderly residents of that home. At the end of our inspection, we’ll make recommendations set to achieve those goals.

What to Expect

If you decide to get an Aging in Place inspection done, there are a few different things we’ll look at:

We inspect electrical wiring to properly identify any potential fires that might happen. When it comes to height adjustments, certain appliances or other elements in the home might need to be lowered to accommodate the residents that live there.

Once our inspections have been completed, you’ll receive our report and recommendations within 24 hours.

Why Choose Aging in Place?

While aging in place might not sound worth it to some, it’s actually a great thing for senior citizens that can still support themselves. Obviously, in some cases, this living choice won’t make sense, but if they can continue to live on their own, then this is a great way to make them feel supported.

It’s also usually healthier, cheaper, and more comfortable for everyone involved. You won’t have to worry about potential diseases or other things that come with assisted living communities.

This inspection also brings about the chance for residents to feel as though they have more control over their lives than they would if they were forced into a different living situation. While the effort itself can seem like it doesn’t make much sense, it actually comes with a lot more benefits than you might not initially see, and working with the right property advisor can help you achieve that for you and everyone else involved in the process.

Remember, a Property Advisor Can Save You Time and Money

Now that we’ve gone over a few of the most basic ways a property advisor can save you time and money, are you ready to hire one of your very own? Whether you’re looking for advice to help sell your home, or you’re wondering which renovations might get you the best return on investment, hiring the right person can be very beneficial.

Luckily, if you’re on the hunt, ClearView Property Advisors can help. Request an appointment today to get started.